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Something happened today.  I feel wonderful.  It’s a little scary, that the only pain I’m experiencing today is my right hip.  But that’s something else (I think).  My chiropractor is working on that.  But I don’t have the all over body aches and joint pain that has marked the past 15 years of my life.


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I overdid it on the roller yesterday.  I knew I might have been doing it while I was doing it, but that didn’t stop me.  Apparently, I irritated my sciatic nerve.  I became exquisitely aware of this at 3:00am, when I awoke from a sound sleep, feeling like my entire right leg was on fire. […]

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Today is day 4.  Let’s say that it’s interesting.  I feel…different.  I’m feeling better, generally.   I feel like I’m climbing out of the black hole that is a fibro flare-up.  I’m still fatigued.  There’s a difference between between being tired and a bone deep feeling of not being able to move a muscle.  Not having […]


Good morning, everyone. Yes, I know it’s been a long time. Mea Culpa, blah, blah, blah. This is going to be a long post with no pictures, some links, and an awful lot of health stuff. If you don’t want to read it, I don’t blame you. This is the point where you click to […]

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If you don’t remember what my study looked like when we first moved in, allow me to refresh your memory:

The room is about 12 x 12.  I want you to pay particular attention to the wallpaper.  It’s an old, vinyl, grasscloth; which was last popular in 1978.

Of particular note is the fact […]

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….And we’re back!! My husband, Tim (aka The Computer God), fixed my blog, and now I can upload photographs!!  There is much rejoicing over here at Six Oaks House.

Since this is the Friday post (or should have been), this is all about the Fibery Goodness that I’ve been working on for the past few […]

I remember now….I do have a blog!

Hello blogosphere!!  I’ve missed you.  Have you missed me?

This is going to be a really short post, with no pictures, because I can’t get Java to install, and that means I can’t use all the bells and whistles on WordPress.  Sigh.  Wouldn’t you know, after months of not writing, not blogging, I get the […]

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I’ve been following the Weight Watcher’s program since June.  I’ve lost 36 lbs (more or less) and have been sort of stuck in this place since October.  I recognize it’s time to shake things up a bit because A, I’ve been bobbing within a 4 lb up and down for about 8 weeks; B, because […]

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You’ve seen the house.  It needs work.  A lot of work.  All of it cosmetic work, BTW.

Wednesday, August 7th was all about the celebration!  After the closing, we went back to the house.   I can’t describe the thrill of standing on the front porch, with my key in the lock, and feeling……IT IS […]

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Sorry I got so tired last night and had to cut the tour off early.  As we go forward on the project, you’ll soon understand why.

So where were we?  Right, the kitchen.  Here we are in its incredible seventies self.


Now we go grown the hall:


There is a bathroom […]

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