Fiber Friday – Saturday Edition

….And we’re back!! My husband, Tim (aka The Computer God), fixed my blog, and now I can upload photographs!! ¬†There is much rejoicing over here at Six Oaks House.

Since this is the Friday post (or should have been), this is all about the Fibery Goodness that I’ve been working on for the past few […]

WIP (Work In Progress) on Wednesday

In alignment with my new commitment to try to blog more often, I’m instituting WIP on Wednesdays.¬† WIP stands for Work In Progress, and will be my opportunity to share with you all the different Works in Progress that are currently occupying my time.

Since this blog is supposed to be about writing, as well […]

Home Again, Home Again

Hmm. Did I tell ya’ll I was going on vacation? I meant to. I also meant to post from Cape Cod. I brought my laptop, I even had hi speed internet. But I lacked motivation. I did, however, spend at least some part of every day on the beach. Hours on the beach. Hours spent […]

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