A story…

Once upon a time, in May 2009, at the Massachusetts Sheep and Wool show in 2009,  there was some Merino and Silk fiber.



It had beautiful streaks of pink and gray and white and beige.

I adored spinning this fiber.  […]

Canning Season

I am pleased to announce, after a few year hiatus (due to bad kitchens and life crises), canning season has officially begun in the Levy/Dill household.

I wish I had learned to can at my mother’s knee (or elbow), but this is not the case.  My mother attempted home canning once.  Ithink it […]

Ten On Tuesday

A new thing (for me) Ten on Tuesday is a “thing” in certain blog circles that asks you to list 10 things about the topic of the week.  So, here’s my first Ten on Tuesday:

Ten Ways To Entertain a Child

1.  Tell Stories

2.  Fingerpaint

3.  Read them a book

4.  Have them […]

Eye Candy Friday

The Peonies are blooming!

Fiber and Felines

I know, I know..I promised to show pictures of knitting and spinning projects in process.  I wanted to, I really did…but the photography gods were not very kind when I tried to photograph on a cloudy day.   And when it has not been cloudy, I have been busy being outdoors in the very nice weather.  […]

Catchup Part II

Good Morning, everyone!  I woke up early this morning to the sound of shattering glass.  Apparently I managed to knock the water glass from my bedside table to the floor.  Argh.  Not a great way to wake up, but the day moved forward from there.

After the flurry of morning email settled down, I took […]

Blog, Oh Blog…How I Have Missed Thee

Well, here I am again.  Back at the keyboard, wanting to know how my peeps are.  Wondering if any of my peeps are left.  Seems I got so busy on the other, newspaper blog (which shall remain nameless, and thus linkless), that I’ve forsaken you.  But no more!!

It’s time for me to put the […]

How Cool Is This?

Yesterday afternoon I chanced to find myself in the Colonie Town Hall.  On my way to the office I was supposed to go to, I passed the Town Historian’s office.

Kevin Franklin proved to a most delightful gentleman.  When I asked if it were possible that he’d have any information on the 150 year old […]

What is tamoxifen


It’s sad, but true.

However, there are Finished Object photos on the TU blog.  So hop on over there:

While you’re at it, Tina has new Fiber blog up on CBS blogs.

I’ll try to be back soon with regular blogging.

I know…promises, promises…

Two Quick Things

First is that the real post is over on the Times Union Blog.

Second…there are big things happening over on Jessalu’s blog. Click on over from here.  Comment.  Tell her I sent you!.

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