Whole30 Day 11

Something happened today.  I feel wonderful.  It’s a little scary, that the only pain I’m experiencing today is my right hip.  But that’s something else (I think).  My chiropractor is working on that.  But I don’t have the all over body aches and joint pain that has marked the past 15 years of my life.


I remember now….I do have a blog!

Hello blogosphere!!  I’ve missed you.  Have you missed me?

This is going to be a really short post, with no pictures, because I can’t get Java to install, and that means I can’t use all the bells and whistles on WordPress.  Sigh.  Wouldn’t you know, after months of not writing, not blogging, I get the […]

Weight Watchers and Clean(ish) Eating?

I’ve been following the Weight Watcher’s program since June.  I’ve lost 36 lbs (more or less) and have been sort of stuck in this place since October.  I recognize it’s time to shake things up a bit because A, I’ve been bobbing within a 4 lb up and down for about 8 weeks; B, because […]

Beginning Day 1

You’ve seen the house.  It needs work.  A lot of work.  All of it cosmetic work, BTW.

Wednesday, August 7th was all about the celebration!  After the closing, we went back to the house.   I can’t describe the thrill of standing on the front porch, with my key in the lock, and feeling……IT IS […]

Further On The Tour

Sorry I got so tired last night and had to cut the tour off early.  As we go forward on the project, you’ll soon understand why.

So where were we?  Right, the kitchen.  Here we are in its incredible seventies self.


Now we go grown the hall:


There is a bathroom […]

Terrorism and Tragedy

I was reading a post on Facebook by my friend Julia, and I started to reply. But, it turned into something much longer. Here it is:

I haven’t posted anything about the tragedy in Boston yesterday, because, frankly, I didn’t know what to say. That I’m saddened? Of course I am. That I’m horrified? That […]

Enter Rhiannon



Sometime in September (I don’t remember the exact date),  I realized I needed a kitten.  At first, I thought I wanted a slightly older cat, about a year old, and we tried that.  Lilith was wonderful with people, but horrible with Kali.  After a week, during which she basically pinned Kali to […]

Looked At My Last Post..about writing more….

…and that couldn’t have been an less accurate prediction.  What has happened to the art of blogging?  Has it gotten subsumed by Twitter and Facebook?  Have our lives devolved into sound bites?  I hope not.  I’m just not that kinda gal.

This is going to be a photo-less entry.  I’m trying to ease back into […]

Full Moon, January 2012

I watched the moon rise tonight on my way home.  Immense and yellow in the clear, darkening sky.  The weather has been so strange for so long, I have no intuitive sense of the season.  There should be snow on the ground.  It should be colder.  It feels like late November, not mid-January.

We discovered […]

Artistic Setbacks

Is it possible to write an article about artistic setbacks when in the middle of one?  Is it simply a matter of showing up at the page, or jewelry bench or wherever you make your art?  According to everything I’ve learned from Julia Cameron, it is.

I had a serious setback last week.  I’m trying […]

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