Weekend Wind-down

Gluten-free day 4.  So far, no light at the end of the tunnel that isn’t an oncoming freight train.

I think the worst part of the detox is that it feels like things are getting worse instead of better.  More pain, more fatigue as my body tries to rid itself of what it perceives as […]

Worth Repeating



Braised Kale and Tortellini


I’ve been craving dark green, leafy veggies lately. The Kale at the market looked amazing, so I brought home two bunches. Kale is pretty boring steamed, but sauteed, it takes on new life. I’d not braised it, however, and was curious as to how that might come […]

What do I know?

Today I know two things. I know that yesterday I finally went and had blood drawn for the Celiac test.  I also know that the results don’t matter.

On Monday, February 7th, my internist and I decided that I should be tested for Celiac Disease.  After 2 years of being mostly gluten-free (or gluten-lite), I […]

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