More On Canning

A long time ago, I lived in Brooklyn, NY.  I was a Young, Urban, Professional seeking to live a Yuppie lifestyle.  There was only one problem, my soul was craving something different.  That part of me showed herself with little herb gardens in pots on fire-escapes.  One year I grew tomatoes in pots on the […]

Canning Season

I am pleased to announce, after a few year hiatus (due to bad kitchens and life crises), canning season has officially begun in the Levy/Dill household.

I wish I had learned to can at my mother’s knee (or elbow), but this is not the case.  My mother attempted home canning once.  Ithink it […]

Aricept usa

I can’t believe how busy I’ve been. This is a good thing, I think. First of all, we’re still in the process of “Mission Organization.” If any of you are not familiar with the show on HGTV, a professional organizer comes in and “does” a particularly chaotic/messy/unusable room. Well, to be honest, if feels like […]

It’s finally blog-time

The paradox with blogging is that if I’m going to have anything to write about, I have to go out and do things. If I’m out doing things, I have no time to blog about it. What is a good blogger to do?

Anyway, I wrote about J coming up. Well, as promised, we went […]

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