Whole30 – Day 5: The Scale. It mocks me.

I overdid it on the roller yesterday.  I knew I might have been doing it while I was doing it, but that didn’t stop me.  Apparently, I irritated my sciatic nerve.  I became exquisitely aware of this at 3:00am, when I awoke from a sound sleep, feeling like my entire right leg was on fire.  In fact, I could trace the entire nerve from where it comes through the piriformis muscle (think butt cheek), out toward the hip, down the back of my thigh, splitting behind my knee and going down both the front and the back of my leg.  Yes, it was an ibuprofen morning.

Needless to say, I’m taking a break for a day.  We’ll see where we go tomorrow.

Some of you have been asking what do I eat for breakfast other than eggs.  This:

whole30 day 4 breakfast

From left to right, 1/2 grapefruit, 1/2 avocado, Turkey Hash.

Not only was it delicious, but I ate breakfast 3.5 hours ago, and am not even thinking about eating lunch yet. On Weight Watchers, by now, if I’d not had a snack, I would be ready to gnaw off my own arm. I had to eat every 3 hours, whether I wanted to or not, because my blood sugar would do these crazy drops after crazy spikes. Now, it’s just about level all the time, and I’m not hungry…until I am, then I have a meal, and forget about food until it’s time for the next meal.

I know some of you live like this, but for me, it’s astounding. I cannot remember the last time I felt this free from the tyranny of food.

Speaking of tyranny. The Scale. I feel like there should be loud music: Dum da dum dum. it’s sitting on the floor of my bedroom. It looks at me with bedroom eyes. It calls to me, a siren song that I find irresistible. But I resist. After a year and a half of slavery, I have been freed from The Scale for 30 days. That’s right, I am NOT ALLOWED TO WEIGH MYSELF until Day 31.

It’s making me nuts. Really nuts. I am positive I am gaining weight on this protocol. I have to be. I feel too good, I feel too satisfied. I don’t have this gnawing, ever-present, low-level hunger that I experienced on a low-fat diet. My skin is not so dry it feels like it’s falling off. My psoriasis may be starting to clear up. I’m eating food I really enjoy, like avocado, every day. I’m cooking interesting things. Tim thinks it’s the best thing ever. I MUST be gaining weight.

I’m petrified of gaining weight. I worked so hard to lose the 40 that I have lost. I also worked equally hard to not lose any more for the next 10 months. But that level of deprivation is necessary, my mind tells me, to losing weight. If I’m not missing something, I can’t be losing. If I feel satisfied, I can’t be losing.

It’s funny, but here I am on Day 5, not missing anything I’ve given up: Dairy, Grains, Sugar, Additives, Inflammatory foods. The only thing I’m still missing is Splenda. That shocks me. The only craving I’m having is an artificial sweetener. That tells me it was screwing with my brain chemistry in a big way.

I have to confess, I would like yogurt. Today, I should be receiving a package of yogurt starter, and I’m going to try Coconut Milk yogurt. I will let you know how it turns out. I have no idea.

I wish my friend Lisa was still doing bodywork, and that she was still on the East Coast. What I wouldn’t give for an hour or two on her table. Sigh. There is only one person I’ve found in the Capital District that does really good bodywork. He is only here on the occasional Saturday. I really need to book a 90 minute appointment.

More later…

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