Renovation Monday – My Study

If you don’t remember what my study looked like when we first moved in, allow me to refresh your memory:

The room is about 12 x 12.  I want you to pay particular attention to the wallpaper.  It’s an old, vinyl, grasscloth; which was last popular in 1978.


Of particular note is the fact that there are two (2) completely different patterns of vinyl, grass-cloth, wallpaper.  One pattern was simply not enough for the people who decorated this room.


Here is a close-up of one pattern:
…and there’s the other.

Old Wallpaper

Old Wallpaper

They don’t even match, really.

Also note the the very dark, brown, trim on the windows, around the door, around the closet.

And the lovely, hollow core doors on the closet, in a completely different color.  I think that’s a lot for one small room.

The first order of business was to get rid of the grass-cloth.  It came off the wall with, deceptive, ease.  Piece, of cake, thought I.  (I’m laughing out loud even as I write this.)

Underneath, we discovered ORANGE.  Bright. F*cking.  Orange.  The same orange that I’d painted my bedroom.  When I was fifteen.  (That room had orange walls and hi-lo shag carpet in shades of orange, and two colors of brown.  Can you say seventies-licious?)

Stripping the Wallpaper

Stripping the Wallpaper

Quickly, we discovered why the walls were covered in vinyl!!!  They were beat.  Apparently, that vinyl was tough to adhere to the walls (the walls were probably rejecting it), and so the paper-hanger (who’s name was Tom – we know this because he wrote his name, in wall-paper paste, on one of the walls.  Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of that masterpiece) used pecial, super-thick, wall paper paste.  


Walls after wallpaper and paste were removed

Walls after wallpaper and paste were removed

It took us weeks to scrape the paste off, and get the walls washed down completely.  I could only work in 4 foot sections before my back started aching, and it was a long slow process.

Finally, we were ready to prime the walls.

First Coat of Primer

First Coat of Primer

After the first coat of super-duper primer, the orange bled through.  So we put on a 2nd coat of primer, and finally, the paint.

Iwanted something soothing and not chaotic.  The color I eventually went with is called Lavender Mist.  Even the name calms me down.


It looks a little darker in this pic. It was the end of the day.


See how crisp the woodwork is after 3 coats of high-gloss white enamel?


Ceiling is 50% saturation of the wall color

Then, on to the draperies.  I’ve had the fabric in my stash for about 5 years.  I originally planned to use it in the bedroom at Forts Ferry, but ended up using something else.  Frankly, I picked the wall color to coordinate with the curtains.

Drapery Panels - Sage Green

Drapery Panels – Sage Green

Tim hanging drapes.

Tim hanging drapes.

I think the drapes need a valance to tie the two colors together, and here is the fabric I chose:


Fabric for window valances.

Fabric for window valances.

It is perfect.  I love it so much, once I heard it was being discontinued, I went back to buy more.

Maybe, if I have enough time after I publish this post, I’ll actually get the valance made.

So, that’s the evolution of my study.  Come back next Monday for the next installment of Renovation Monday.

More later…

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