Fiber Friday – Saturday Edition

….And we’re back!! My husband, Tim (aka The Computer God), fixed my blog, and now I can upload photographs!!  There is much rejoicing over here at Six Oaks House.

Since this is the Friday post (or should have been), this is all about the Fibery Goodness that I’ve been working on for the past few months.  (In no particular order). I’m very excited about working on another Swallowtail Shawl.  I love this pattern, by Evelyn Clark.  It’s so easy to follow, and knits up beautifully.  I’m doing this in a handspun Merino and Silk blend, and is destined to become a gift for a dear friend (who does NOT know that it’s coming her way.)  I’m super excited to be working on it.

Swallowtail Shawl In Its Infancy

Swallowtail Shawl In Its Infancy


Lace never looks impressive until it’s blocked and all the lovely yarnovers open up – but I can tell this will be stunning. Here’s a close up of the yarn gradients and the stitch definition.  The silk in the blend really makes the stitches pop.


photo 2

Look at the color gradients in the yarn


I finally finished Tim’s sweater.  It took me forever to finish.  Of course, I had elbow surgery a few weeks after I started it; and then had to re-knit the sleeves a few times, to accommodate his skinny arms, and then I got sick of it an it went into hibernation while I worked on some other things, but here he is, looking like he’s posing for a mug shot:


Tim sweater 2

And again, in a more natural pose (hanging curtains in my study).

(More on my study in a future Reno Monday post)


tim sweater 1

Apparently, he loves it, because he wears it all the time, and nothing does a knitter’s heart as good as seeing someone wear your hand knits. I’ve also completed a few pairs of socks for myself:

photo 4

Socks Just Off the Needles

 And another still on the needles.

photo 3

 My next big project will be this sweater:

Although I won’t be doing in that color (or wearing it with that skirt).  It looks like a fun and easy knit.  I’m taking a risk and knitting it to the size I intend to be, not the size I am now. (But more on that in a WW post on Wednesday) I want to leave you with a few pictures of the spindle my brother, Jay, made for me.







It’s gorgeous, and spins like a dream.

More later…

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