Weight Watchers and Clean(ish) Eating?

I’ve been following the Weight Watcher’s program since June.  I’ve lost 36 lbs (more or less) and have been sort of stuck in this place since October.  I recognize it’s time to shake things up a bit because A, I’ve been bobbing within a 4 lb up and down for about 8 weeks; B, because I’m bored to tears with what I’ve been eating; and C, I’m finding myself grazing in the afternoons, not really satisfied with anything and looking for more.

I think I stumbled on the solution a few weeks ago and then, as is usual for me, promptly forgot it.  Middle age, or built in forgetter?  Not sure, but it hardly matters.  What is important is when I added more healthy fats to my diet, I dropped almost 4 lbs in a week.  Since then, I’ve gone back to the ultra low-fat way I was eating.  I need to say that Weight Watchers doesn’t condone this.  In fact, it’s pretty  much the opposite, they want you to have 3 servings of healthy fat (around 1 tablespoon) every day.  The trouble is, for me, that it “costs” 3 points, and when you’re a point hoarder, as I am, that’s tough to do.

However, when i don’t, I overeat my points anyway, because I’m not satisfied.  Obviously, my body is craving something, but I’m too immersed in the diet mentality to recognize what it is.  So I’m going to try an experiment.  I thought about the new “Smart Start” or whatever it is they’re calling it, where you eat only Power Foods, and don’t track your points, but in looking that over, I’m not sure it isn’t just more of what I’m doing, which isn’t working.  Instead, I’m going to keep tracking, but add back some of the full-fat foods that I’ve eliminated over the past few months – and take the point hit.  The theory is that I will be more satisfied with the food that I am eating, and not needing to snack/graze as much as I have been doing.

One of the places I changed dramatically was cutting all my full fat dairy to low or non-fat.  Trouble is, when you take out the fat, the manufacturers add in all sorts of starches and stabilizers to keep the food palatable.  I’m not sure that’s working for me.  I think, now, I’d rather eat a full fat cheese stick instead of a “light” or non-fat cheese stick and spend the extra point or two.  Maybe more isn’t better.  Maybe better is better.

For a “volume eater” like me, I keep thinking I’m going to be satisfied but, in the long run, I’m finding I’m not.  So here goes.  I’ll keep y’all posted.


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