Further On The Tour

Sorry I got so tired last night and had to cut the tour off early.  As we go forward on the project, you’ll soon understand why.

So where were we?  Right, the kitchen.  Here we are in its incredible seventies self.



Now we go grown the hall:



There is a bathroom on this level with a Jacuzzi tub, and three rather non-descript bedrooms, which I will get to in detail in further posts.

Downstairs there is another bathroom with a shower (very weirdly laid out), and a large family room.  Let it be known that I loathe wood paneling.  Absolutely despise it.  I’m also not a fan of faux brick.

16 Carol Ann Dr, Albany, New York 12205



Just what two people who don’t drink need….a wet-bar!!!

But instead of a wood-burning stove or fireplace, there is a gas stove…so we will be all warm and toasty down here this winter.

16 Carol Ann Dr, Albany, New York 12205

Now, let’s step through the sliding glass doors, and go out into the backyard:


The back yard is sort of narrow, but very deep.  There is chain-link fence all around.  Very little privacy, which is the major thing I’m going to miss.  But that’s what stockade fencing and Forsythia bushes are for!!


I’m afraid this is all you’re going to get to see today.  More tomorrow or later, when we let you start to see the renovations.

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