Book Three, Chapter One

A lot of people have been saying that Tim and I have started a new chapter in our lives but, frankly, given further thought, I think we’re starting a new book.  After many, many, many years of planning, hoping and working on it, we have FINALLY, bought a HOUSE.  A House!!!  A real House, that’s OURS.  No capricious landlords, no leases expiring, no living at the whims or wills of others.  A home of our own.

Yes, it will be sad to leave Forts Ferry.  When we moved in here, we never thought we’d leave.  We had planned on buying the place when it was available.  However, after 4 years here, we realized that it is too big for us, too much space and too much of that space is unmanageable.  So we did something we never (in a million years) thought we’d do.  We bought a raised ranch in the suburbs.  This picture was taken when the house was first put on the market (and then taken off), but it’s better than any pictures I got.


The house has everything we wanted, including a really deep back yard.  Our neighbors are a little close, but, it’s the suburbs.  A good privacy fence will fix that.  No problems.

It’s in crappy shape.  Fundamentally it is very sound.  A new roof, great bones.  But, it was a foreclosure, and hadn’t been updated (mostly) since the ’70s (when it was built).  Some newer appliances in the kitchen…the furnace was replaced in the 80’s or 90’s, but that’s about it.

Oh, and the previous owners (doesn’t that sound better than tenants?) had weird decorating taste.  You’ll see what I mean.

There’s a big tree in the front yard:


I know everyone has been anxious to see what it looks like.  Let’s go inside.

The house is an odd Raised Ranch.  Instead of entering into a mid-level, with stairs up and down, we enter on the bottom level.  This is the front room.  Notice the lovely faux brick with black mortar?  And the uber-liscous wood paneling?  We have plans for that.

16 Carol Ann Dr, Albany, New York 12205

We go upstairs, and get our first glimpse of the living and dining rooms through the wrought iron rail.  (Again this picture was taken from the listing, that’s not our TV.  But you get the picture  (pun intended).

House Before and Day 1 047

And a view of the stairwell taken from the Living Room.



That’s all I have the energy to post today.  More later, or tomorrow.



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1 comment to Book Three, Chapter One

  • Shannon

    I’m so happy for you both!!!! 😀 YAAAAAAAYYYYYYY! hehe
    Wow, so nice to see the inside! Will be even better to see the NEW inside! 🙂 I’ll be texting you so that I can lend you my paws this week!
    I will bring my knitting & some chairs too! (in case we take a break)