Beginning Day 1

You’ve seen the house.  It needs work.  A lot of work.  All of it cosmetic work, BTW.

Wednesday, August 7th was all about the celebration!  After the closing, we went back to the house.   I can’t describe the thrill of standing on the front porch, with my key in the lock, and feeling……IT IS […]

Further On The Tour

Sorry I got so tired last night and had to cut the tour off early.  As we go forward on the project, you’ll soon understand why.

So where were we?  Right, the kitchen.  Here we are in its incredible seventies self.


Now we go grown the hall:


There is a bathroom […]

Book Three, Chapter One

A lot of people have been saying that Tim and I have started a new chapter in our lives but, frankly, given further thought, I think we’re starting a new book.  After many, many, many years of planning, hoping and working on it, we have FINALLY, bought a HOUSE.  A House!!!  A real House, that’s […]

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