So Much Has Happened…(Part One)

…since the last time I blogged (April 2012).  Almost a year!   Let’s do a quick year in review:

April 30, 2012:  Had surgery to repair (and practically rebuild) my right shoulder.  What was supposed to be a 12 week rehab ended up taking 16 weeks.  Thanks to a brilliant surgeon and phenomenal physical therapist, I have complete and pain-free use of my right shoulder and arm.  Seems 18 years of doing deep tissue massage took its toll.

May 2012:  Discovered, due to inactivity from shoulder surgery, that I have an anatomic anomaly, called Iliac Vein Compression Syndrome (Also known as May-Thurner Symdrome, or MTS).  In a nutshell that means that the vein that is responsible for draining the left leg is lying underneath, instead on top of, the artery responsible for feeding it.  This resulted in compression of the vein, and my leg swelled to three times its normal size.  Fortunately for me, I did not develop a Deep Vein Thrombosis.  I had a semi-surgical (balloon venoplasty and stent placement) that opened the vein, the stent keeps it open, and the swelling went down within 48 hours.  The rest of the good news is that the stent has remained open, and I need to get it checked (via ultrasound) every 6 months.  So far, so good.

Also, in May, we discovered that Morgan had an inoperable cancerous tumor in her colon.  Careful management gave her just a few weeks or months to live.  All of you who know me, and knew Morgan, know the very special bond we had.  I was devastated, and continue to grieve.

I don’t remember much of June, except that it was filled with kitty intensive care, and preparation for a great loss.  Somewhere in there, I think both Tim and I had the flu.  Of course,  I then developed bronchitis and ended up on Prednisone for a while (my least favorite thing).

July:  We lost Morgan in July.  She let me know when it was time, and we brought her in to the wonderful Dr. Stone for the last time.  She took her last breath while sleeping peacefully cradled against my chest.  Just like it was supposed to be.  Even typing this, I feel the tears well up.  I miss her so very, very much.

August:  Tim and I took a much needed vacation, camping on Cape Ann in Massachusetts.  A week on the beach was very much needed, as was the change of scenery.

My birthday came and went without a lot of fanfare.  I wasn’t in the mood to celebrate much.  In fact, I’m pretty horrified that I’m 53 years old.  That brought up a whole bunch of other stuff.

I was diagnosed with sleep apnea, and got fitted for a CPAP machine.  I have a love/hate relationship with it.  I don’t like the mask/hose thing, however, I sleep through the night and wake up refreshed.  It seems that I suffer from Severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea.  The CPAP is like a gift from the gods.  Even though I, periodically, disengage myself from the mask mid-night sometimes.  Oh well.

End of Part One




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