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Sometime in September (I don’t remember the exact date),  I realized I needed a kitten.  At first, I thought I wanted a slightly older cat, about a year old, and we tried that.  Lilith was wonderful with people, but horrible with Kali.  After a week, during which she basically pinned Kali to her basket, and wouldn’t let her move without being charged, we returned her.  It was sad, but a grieving Kali was my first priority.

Then, I got a call to come down and look at 2 black kittens.  So I did.  The black kittens wanted nothing at all to do with me, but there was this little orange tabby, who kept trying to get my attention.  I was focused on the black ones, but the orange one just wanted me to pick her up.  Eventually, she won me over when I went to pet her and she gave my whole hand a bath and then suckled on my finger.  Okay, I said.  Wrap her up.


Here’s Tim with her fresh out of the box!

Welcome home!!


And speaking of boxes.  She was always on the move, hence the blurry photo.

R 05 months box


The clearest pictures are when she was sleeping.


R 05 months sleeping

5 months old. Out of steam.


She’s the first cat I’ve ever owned that liked to sleep with her arms stretched out from the elbow.  Like my white sox?


R 06 months 1

6 months old. Mama’s lap is the best place to sleep.


From the moment she came home, all she wanted to do was sleep with Kali (who was having none of that!).  So, she took to climbing into Kali’s basket whenever she’d vacate it.  The first few times, Kali walked around, meowing, refusing to join her, but wanting her basket back.  Ultimately, Kali decided that it was her basket, and she didn’t care if Rhiannon was in it.  She’d sit on Rhiannon if she had to.  So she did.


R 06 months and kali working it out

Why is she sitting on me? I just want to snuggle.


Eventually, they worked it out.   As you can see, Kali is less than pleased, but Rhiannon’s happy.


R 06 months and kali sleeping

6 months old, sleeping with a grumpy Kali


Because she’s a kitten, she did all sorts of cute things.  Like hanging out in shopping bags.


R 06 months bag

6 months old in a Chipotle bag

And sleeping under the knitting (while it is being knitted)


7 months old, already leaving the yarn alone, while Mama knits.

7 months old, already leaving the yarn alone, while Mama knits.


And finding crazy positions to sleep in.

6 months old. Fast asleep, draped over Mama's leg.  Is this comfortable?

Fast asleep, draped over Mama’s leg. Is this comfortable?

One day I heard a crash of plastic in the laundry room.  I figured whatever it was, I’d get to it when I got to it.  A few minutes later, I heard plaintive meowing.  Rhiannon had jumped into the laundry basket, and managed  to flip it over, so it was wedged against the wall.  Tim’s comment:  “The cat-traps are working.”

8 months. TRAPPED!!


She learned to pose for the camera!

8 Months.  Is this my good side, Aunt Debbie?

8 Months. Is this my good side, Aunt Debbie?



Or is this my better side?

Or is this my better side?


And finally, at 11 months, some shots I took last week:


11 Months.  Time for your close-up

11 Months. Time for your close-up


11 Months.  Asleep on Mama's lap....again.

11 Months. Asleep on Mama’s lap….again.


Hope you were able to handle the cuteness.


By the way, comments left are the blog are always welcome.  They’re the way I know I’m not just speaking into the ether.  thanks for reading.

From my little corner of cyberspace,


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