Appalled and Angry….Miss Representation


Last night, I went to a screening of Miss Representation.  Again.  This is the second time I’ve seen it.  I expected to be much less appalled, much less motivated, but I was not.  I was just as appalled, maybe even more than the first time.  I left very depressed.  To my […]

A Visit To The Doctor

I just got back from an appointment with my internist.  It was just supposed to be a routine follow-up, but as it turned out I caught a cold from one of the contractors working on the bathroom.  The cold has been settling in my chest, and since I have asthma, it’s always a trouble spot.


Missed Meals

Looking at me, one can (and I have) say that I’ve never missed a meal.

Sounds funny and, on one hand, it’s true.  I haven’t missed many.  Truth be told, I’ve even doubled up on some.  However, as I was eating breakfast (gluten-free cinnamon raisin bread with cream cheese),  I thought about how many meals, thousands […]

A New Focus

When I first set up this blog, I didn’t intend it to be about my cats.   I know, we all my love my cats (well, most of us), and while they are cute, and endlessly fascinating, but…

That said, I do want to write about the things that are going on.  The real things.  Some […]

Enter Rhiannon



Sometime in September (I don’t remember the exact date),  I realized I needed a kitten.  At first, I thought I wanted a slightly older cat, about a year old, and we tried that.  Lilith was wonderful with people, but horrible with Kali.  After a week, during which she basically pinned Kali to […]

So Much Has Happened…(Part One)

…since the last time I blogged (April 2012).  Almost a year!   Let’s do a quick year in review:

April 30, 2012:  Had surgery to repair (and practically rebuild) my right shoulder.  What was supposed to be a 12 week rehab ended up taking 16 weeks.  Thanks to a brilliant surgeon and phenomenal physical therapist, […]

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