Looked At My Last Post..about writing more….

…and that couldn’t have been an less accurate prediction.  What has happened to the art of blogging?  Has it gotten subsumed by Twitter and Facebook?  Have our lives devolved into sound bites?  I hope not.  I’m just not that kinda gal.

This is going to be a photo-less entry.  I’m trying to ease back into the world of blogging, and that will mean getting used to taking pictures and photo-documenting my life again.  Fortunately my Droid has a pretty good camera and it’s my constant companion (other than Morgan).

Speaking of Morgan, the little girl we were afraid wouldn’t make it, celebrated her 18th birthday yesterday.  To celebrate she brught me a, still warm but dead, mouse.  She is not yet ready be discounted.  However, her body weight is down 8 ounces, and that is a little worrisome.  A call to the wonderful Dr. Stone is in order.






Other than that, this post is preparatory to going back into the studio.  Went bead shopping last week when downstate and have a craft fair coming this weekend.  Time to get some new stock.

So, off I go.  Remember, pictures and a real update tomorrow.


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