Artistic Setbacks

Is it possible to write an article about artistic setbacks when in the middle of one?  Is it simply a matter of showing up at the page, or jewelry bench or wherever you make your art?  According to everything I’ve learned from Julia Cameron, it is.

I had a serious setback last week.  I’m trying […]

About Soup

I woke up yesterday to a chilly, damp and rainy day.  It called for soup.

The process of making soup is magical to me.  I take all these disparate ingredients and mix them together into a watery mess.  I add heat and come back hours later to find that the watery mess has turned into […]

Birthday Celebrations

I had a birthday last week.  I won’t tell you which one it was, but suffice to say I’ve been old enough to vote for a while now.

There was a time when I didn’t like birthdays.  I used them as an excuse to take out that old measuring stick (the one in my head) […]

More On Canning

A long time ago, I lived in Brooklyn, NY.  I was a Young, Urban, Professional seeking to live a Yuppie lifestyle.  There was only one problem, my soul was craving something different.  That part of me showed herself with little herb gardens in pots on fire-escapes.  One year I grew tomatoes in pots on the […]

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