What A Difference A Day Makes!

Woweee!!!  I woke up this morning at 8:30 and I was wide awake.

The majority of the brain frogs left during the night, and taken with them most of the pain.  Now, I’m not going completely off pain meds today, but I can see a future.  Maybe that light at the end of the tunnel isn’t an oncoming train.  That would be exciting.  I expected detox to last much longer than this.  And maybe tomorrow won’t be a great day, but I’ve got today and I’m making the most of it.

First, though, are the pictures I promised yesterday:

I’ve been craving a bucket bag from Jessalu Knits and Spins for a while now.  I’ve had one of her box bags for a few years, but the bucket bag is different.

See, the handle has a nifty snap that allows you to hang it from your spinning wheel (with some fiber in it, of course), or I like to hang it from the handle of my purse, and keep a small knitting project, the DPN’s sticking out.  The Firefly fabric just lit me up (pardon the pun), and reminded me of summer evenings.

Then, because I fell in love:

8 oz. of  “Summer Squash” from See Kay Craft (who apparently hasn’t updated her blog or her etsy shop in ages, but if she does there are the links).  I’ve been one of Carolyn’s biggest fans since she started dyeing fiber, and I don’t think I’ve missed an opportunity to come home with some.  This is a delightful 100% Blue Face Leicester Wool (one of my absolute favs for spinning).  What will it be when it grows up?  Who knows?  But I think it’s going to be a gift for a certain fellow who makes my life so much more enjoyable just by his presence in it.


I’ve been lusting after this fiber since it was introduced 2 WOOL’s ago.

On happy chance, after I blew my budget, Tim surprised me and came home with it.  Now the problem.  Is it is, or do I steal ask him nicely for it?  The colorway is DC Sunrise and the fiber is Falkland’s Wool, and I love it.  I wonder in whose stash that will eventually end up?

And not to be forgotten:


Tim grabbed a batt of pure sea green lusciousness from Forbidden.  Colorway is Slytherin and the fiber is cloud-soft BFL.

How much happier can a girl get?

Today I’m off to the Coop to get nuts and grains to boost the Gluten-Free nummyness potential, then another appointment, then Meditation Group at Orenda Yoga and Healing Arts, the studio where I also study Yoga.

More later…


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