Bread of Affliction

I was at a Passover Seder the other night.  Particularly meaningful was when the matzah was lifted up and the words uttered, “This is the bread of affliction….”  More true for me than for anyone else at the table.  I’m still waiting for the results of the celiac test, but my own personal test for Gluten Intolerance has concluded.  The results are in.  I can not tolerate gluten, and therefore, today is Gluten-Free Day One.

The odd thing about my relationship with wheat, particularly, is that for me it is an addictive substance.  When I don’t have, until it is out of my system, I crave it.  When I have it, I crave more.  Sounds a lot like alcoholics and alcoholism, doesn’t it?  So for me, 1 [bite] is too many and 1,000 never enough.  I need to remember that.

Even so, it is harder than you’d think it would be.  Just last night, knowing today was to be the first day of the clean-out and recovery process, I went on a wild, pre-meditated wheat binge.  Even knowing that every bite I consumed was going to make me feel worse, didn’t stop me.  That, ladies and gentlemen, is addiction.

I woke up this morning feeling about as bad as I expected to.   Even though I’m trying to not take any NSAIDs because of their propensity to further irritate the intestinal wall, I broke down and took ibuprofen.  Otherwise there wasn’t any way I was going to be able to work today.

Regarding the blog…

My plan is to shift the focus to a gluten-free foodie blog.  As the domain is up for renewal there may be a name change.  But first, I’m going to have to get through the brain-fog so I can think.

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