A story…

Once upon a time, in May 2009, at the Massachusetts Sheep and Wool show in 2009,  there was some Merino and Silk fiber.



It had beautiful streaks of pink and gray and white and beige.

I adored spinning this fiber.  It was sheer joy between my fingers.  I finished spinning and plying it, in August 2009,  at one of my favorite places on earth, Wiawaka Holiday House.


Just spun fiber drying on the handrail at Lake House

It became lovely yarn.

But, oh!  What should such lovely yarn become?  I didn’t know!  I waited for the yarn to tell me.  One day it whispered something in my ear.

It told me that someone special was having a special birthday, and it wanted to become a gift for that.

So I started to knit.  And I knit….and knit…and knit.  One day, I looked at what I had knitted:

And it cried out for an accessory!

And on Saturday night, we gave it to our favorite cousin, Estelle.

Happy 90th Birthday, Estelle!!!

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