Fiber and Felines

I know, I know..I promised to show pictures of knitting and spinning projects in process.  I wanted to, I really did…but the photography gods were not very kind when I tried to photograph on a cloudy day.   And when it has not been cloudy, I have been busy being outdoors in the very nice weather.  Of course, I rarely bring camera to document the process, and I persist in thinking, what is a blog post without visual elements.

So here we are.  This is a shawl that I began working on.  It’s a gift (so I won’t say for whom), and I started it in plenty of time.  But now I’m starting to feel some urgency about it.  Trouble is, I can’t seem to knit this pattern while chatting, or even watching TV.  Don’t know why, it’s not that difficult, but still the memorization of it eludes me.

The pattern is Brandywine, by Romi (Rosemary Hill).

This is the 2nd pattern of hers that I’ve knit.  She also designed Waves of Grain, which I blogged about here.

I’m knitting this from Merino/Silk yarn that I spun from fiber purchased last year at Cummington.  Which I blogged about here.

Here is the fiber before it was spun: 

If I buy nothing else at Cummington this year, it will be more of this fiber in another color(s).

This fiber was a joy to spin, and has been a joy to knit with.  I love the drape that the silk adds to the fabric, and the merino is soooo soft.  As Jess says, Mmmmmmmmerino!

I’ve also been spinning a lot.  Here is some Into the Whirled fiber, 100% Merino, the color of which is not done justice by the photograph.

I have to say something about Cris’ fiber.  It has to be the best prepped, dyed fiber I have ever spun with.  It practically drafts itself, and that clarity and saturation of her colours is an ecstatic experience.  I can’t wait to knit with this.

Then there was the fiber that I did NOT enjoy spinning.  It was alpaca and wool, but had guard hairs (which I had not before encountered in alpaca) and was a hairy and not pleasant experience.  However, the yarn it turned into, once spun and plied, while not something I would wear next to my skin, is much nicer than I thought it would be:

It’s more burgandy than pink…but…the vaguaries of digital photography, and my inability to do color correction.  (Someone please teach me, someday).

And finally,  some uber-cuteness from the kitties:

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2 comments to Fiber and Felines

  • Amy

    Wow – that shawl is so detailed and delicate. I really like the pattern and can’t wait to see what it looks like, the more it grows.

    I’ve spun with Chris’s fiber and I agree … it is amazing. The yarn you spun from her roving is so eye-popping. Lovely!

  • I think it’s hysterical that we both had matching experiences with the naughty fiber that made good. I shall have to blog about that soon.

    The shawl is coming along lovely, and immensely more satisfying (I’m sure) since it’s out of your own handspun. Dye that sucker teal and it screams your name.