Catchup Part II

Good Morning, everyone!  I woke up early this morning to the sound of shattering glass.  Apparently I managed to knock the water glass from my bedside table to the floor.  Argh.  Not a great way to wake up, but the day moved forward from there.

After the flurry of morning email settled down, I took my camera for a walk around the property.  It’s so pretty now.  I went out the front door the first thing I see is the Japanese Red Maple.

I don’t know about you, but I think they are completely lovely trees.  This one has some Trout Lilies that planted themselves underneath, come Hosta and some little Red Maple seedlings?  This one is for Tina.

It just put up its first two little shoots.  In about 20 years it will be a tree.  (Yes, that is a yarn scrap on the ground next to  it.)  Does anyone else want maple seedlings?  Most will get pulled as weeds if we don’t have takers.

Then I turned around and saw the new Forsythia Hedge we put in this spring:

All in all there are 14 bushes.  Did you know that if you wait until the blooms fall off, nurseries tend to mark them down ridiculously?  These were $15/plant.  How’s that for a gardening bargain?

Then I walked around the house to Lilac Heaven.  I adore Lilacs.  After Hyacinths, they are my favorite flower.  And it’s all about the fragrance.

Can’t you just smell it???

Then I walked down the hill to the bottom of the property, where the white lilacs are:

Are you smiling?

On Saturday, we planted a Maypole, ensuring a fertile garden:

And then…I walked under the apple trees on my way back to the house:

In this next photo, I’m not showing you whithered flowers, but the beginnings of apples:

That bulge behind the blossom…That’s going to be an apple in the fall!  How cool is that?

Tomorrow….fiber content.

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2 comments to Catchup Part II

  • Heh, your garden will fertile all right… it’s been FED. 😉

    Thank you for saving a tree for me, I wonder if I can keep it in a planter and move it around for a few years until it’s big enough to plant in the yard? I don’t want it to get mowed, but having a tiny fence to mow around so it doesn’t get mowed will annoying for Steve when he mowws. LOL That’s a lot of mowing.

    I love lilacs too, I’ll have to take your cue and buy mine when the blooms have passed, planting for next year’s enjoyment.

    The grounds are beautiful, enjoy the house and all the joy it brings you!

  • Diane S.

    I’ve missed your blogging and am so glad to see you back! What beautiful pictures, I just love your lilacs. Mine didn’t do so well this year. I believe it was to them being “enjoyed” by a neighbor last year.

    Great deal on the bushes, been getting our things that way for years also. If you and Tim don’t mind I would LOVE a few seedlings from your Japanese Maple if you have any left.

    Becareful with that glass, glad you didn’t do it during the night and then jump out of bed in the am! That would of been very bad!!! Use a plastic cup for a late night drink, I have some just for that purpose myself. 🙂