Blog, Oh Blog…How I Have Missed Thee

Well, here I am again.  Back at the keyboard, wanting to know how my peeps are.  Wondering if any of my peeps are left.  Seems I got so busy on the other, newspaper blog (which shall remain nameless, and thus linkless), that I’ve forsaken you.  But no more!!

It’s time for me to put the newspaper blog, timesucker that it has been, aside.  I’ve been there a year, and it never did turn into what I wanted it to be.  And so I’m back.

Let me catch you up.

The house is a long-term work in progress.  We’ve painted the bedroom and rearranged the furniture. I’m holding off on pictures until I get some more things put away, and maybe…maybe…curtains.  It’s starting to feel more like home, and that’s a good thing.

The property is fantastic.  Right now there are lilacs everywhere, including all over the inside of the house (in vases).  I’ll take pictures tomorrow.  Right now, it’s too late to take pictures, but I will tomorrow.

In the meantime, here are pictures of the future garden:

And here are two shots of these amazing chiles that a client brought back from Sante Fe.

See you tomorrow!!

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