Eye Candy Friday

The Peonies are blooming!

Fiber and Felines

I know, I know..I promised to show pictures of knitting and spinning projects in process.  I wanted to, I really did…but the photography gods were not very kind when I tried to photograph on a cloudy day.   And when it has not been cloudy, I have been busy being outdoors in the very nice weather.  […]

Catchup Part II

Good Morning, everyone!  I woke up early this morning to the sound of shattering glass.  Apparently I managed to knock the water glass from my bedside table to the floor.  Argh.  Not a great way to wake up, but the day moved forward from there.

After the flurry of morning email settled down, I took […]

Blog, Oh Blog…How I Have Missed Thee

Well, here I am again.  Back at the keyboard, wanting to know how my peeps are.  Wondering if any of my peeps are left.  Seems I got so busy on the other, newspaper blog (which shall remain nameless, and thus linkless), that I’ve forsaken you.  But no more!!

It’s time for me to put the […]

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