WIP on Wednesday: The Bedroom

The thing about moving into a house that was built in the 1850’s and had been unoccupied for 17 years prior to us moving in, is that there seems to be no end of work to be done.

Before we moved in, and for the first few weeks of living here, we worked and worked and worked and worked and worked.  And we got the first floor ready for Thanksgiving.  Then we hosted T-day dinner for 20 and then we pretty much came to a screeching halt.

The rest of the holiday season was upon us, and we had friends over to see the downstairs, we went to parties and generally had a good time.  January hit, we both got sick and now we’re better, and we’re back to work.

We’re working on the bedroom.  Just before Thanksgiving we got the bedroom cleaned, and primed.  Tim got the closet painted inside and we moved in.

Saturday, we started by painting the ceiling:

See how pretty the primer’d walls are……NOT?


We buy ceiling paint and primer by the 5 gallon bucket!

This would be me…wiping up the spilled paint.

When we moved in there were no doors except on 2 of the three bathrooms.  All the doors in the house had been removed at one point, stripped of their lead based paint, and then stored in the garage.  The stripping process and the 20 years of garage storage has caused a lot of the glue to disintegrate, so not many of the doors fit without being reglued and clamped back into the right position.

Matching the doors up with their doorways is like putting together a Chinese puzzle.  BTW, they soak up primer like a sponge.

Because she always has to be in the same room I am:

I’m hoping that we’ll start to put some color on the walls tonight.  Maybe Sunday I’ll start sewing window treatments.

I’ll keep y’all posted as the work progresses.

Oh, and for those on facebook that wanted to see the new comforter:

It looks so inviting in the promo picture, doesn’t it?  It arrived yesterday and I can’t wait to get the bedroom finished so I can unpack it.

More later…

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