FO Friday: Judith’s Hat and Fingerless Mitts

Now that Judith’s Hat and Fingerless mitts are winging their way to her (they’ve been dropped at the post office), I can finally display them here.

The hat, you might remember, was supposed to be last year’s Christmas present.  But then I realized that I had enough yarn to do fingerless mitts, so the hat went in to the basket in the living room, and the mitts….never quite went on the needles.

One thing led to another, and I though about giving her the hat for her birthday, in July, but realized that she wouldn’t need a slouchy beret made from Merino wool and Alpaca at that time.  So, I decided to wait and give them to her this year.  For Christmas.

They could have been given to her as an early present for this Christmas (when she was here for a week at Thanksgiving), but the mitts hadn’t even been begun weren’t  finished yet.

Around came Christmas, and life got busy, and the lines at the post office were too long.  Besides I hadn’t yet begun completed the matching mitts.  And then came the interlude where I had nothing on the needles…and remembered.  Judith’s Hat & Mitts!!!!


The beret is Simple Springtime Beret by Little Miss Muffet who blogs on Skeins and Steins.

The mitts are a variation of Fetching by Cheryl Niamath, but I used a standard gusset thumb instead of the afterthought thumb the pattern called for.  Personally I find it more comfortable.

The yarn is Plymouth Yarn Suri Merino worsted weight, and I don’t have the label here, but it is a soothing sage green (colors aren’t perfect on screen).  I love this yarn.  It’s soft and silky to the touch and doesn’t shed too badly.

I like the yarn and the hat so much I might have to make one for myself!

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