Having a weird week at the Forts Ferry farmhouse.

On Sunday night we got home from a wonderful evening out with my brother and sister-in-law, to a decidedly skunky smell.  It was all around the house, but we figured there must have been a particularly strong skunk in the area.  We’d had animal nibblings around […]

Another week has flown by

It’s Friday morning.  I had a client scheduled for 1:00pm, but she cancelled.  It’s okay, she’s 78 years old and entitled to be “too damn tired to come out today.”  I adore her, so I cut her a lot of slack.  I hope when I’m her age people cut me slack too.

All of you […]

Where are the trash bags?

Some moves can be organized and some disorganized.  This has been one of the less organized, and boy am I paying the price.  We are completely out of the apartment and in the new house, and I have never felt less settled.  I sit now in my living room looking at 3 dining room chairs, […]

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