The Big 5-0!! (or the post that took 3 weeks to write)

This post has taken forever to write, load photos for, and generally get posted.  Some of it was my own fault, but a large chunk of it had to to do with my internet connection and WordPress itself.  Twice I saved my draft and twice I came back to the first paragraph having been saved.  There was much more of that and difficulties getting photos uploaded.  But enough complaining…this is the post I’ve been trying to get up since September 2nd.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to announce it on the blog, but I figured..why not?  It’s not like there’s any reason to deny it.  Okay, so I turned 50 last week.  Yep.  Fifty.  The big 5-0.

Okay, so I’m not ready for the nursing home.

In fact, I had a wonderful series of birthday celebrations.

There was an end of summer BBQ at my friends Kate and Rob’s house.  They are both blogless, so no links.  However, there was cake:


Yes, those are 50 black candles (and the cake is gluten free).  Someone has a sense of humor.

After cake, there was music.  Real, live, music.




The next day there was a BBQ at the home of Millie (blogless), mother of Tina.  That was not a birthday celebration, but was a fun thing to do and I sort of slid it into the multi-day warm up to the actual birthday.

There were spinning wheels:


And small dogs:


and great food and fun!!

But the real celebration took place on Tuesday.

Tim took me to the Clark Art Institute (one of my favorite art museums of all time) to see an exhibit of paintings by Georgia O’Keeffe.  It was fantastic, and it had been too damn long since I’d viewed really amazing art.  A piece of my soul was fed.

Then we went on to feeding the body.  Tim and I, met Tina, Jess, blogless Becky, blogless Lisa, and I know I’m forgetting someone and I’m going to be really embarrassed, for dinner at Wasabi in Hudson, and on to the former Muddy Cup now The Parlor, for Knit Night festivities.

I have to say that I have the most fantastic knitting group in the Universe!!!  If you don’t, you should find one.  These girls took such good care of me, making sure to fill in such gaps that existed and guaranteeing that my birthday was special.

There was gluten-free cake, homebacked by Millie and brought into the cafe especially for me.


And there were presents:


That’s me fondling a braid of Into the Whirled’s dyed fiber that was gifted by either Maeghan or Cris (both gave me ITW fiber…who is luckier than me?)  Here are the required loot pictures:





Jess gave me a skein of her very own handspun, and Becky gave me a skein of her hand dyed fiber.

The Dichroic glass pendant is from Kate, the gold earrings were my mom’s (and a gift from my sister for my ‘golden birthday’).

and the iPod is a gift from Tim, who blew it on the party, and made up for it on the gifts (there were flowers and chocolate too).


There was lace-weight yarn from Diane (shown above) and Tina (who organized the bash) gave me a book on Estonian Lace Shawls that I’ve been drooling over, and enough laceweight yarn to make one.

I’m sure I missed someone or something….I apologize.  Don’t yell at me too loudly….it’s all WordPress’s fault for having lost this post twice!!

And I promise to be a better blogger in the future.

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