You know those Mastercard commercials where they list a whole bunch of things and their monetary value, then one really important emotional moment that can’t be purchased?  Well, this weekend I had a Mastercard Moment.

I was at my Dad’s condo in Fishkill.  This is a hard place for me to be, because 5 years ago, my parents sold the house they’d lived in for 35 years.  I only lived there a little while, during college mostly, but it was always home.  In fact, it had been “christened” the Double Matzah Ball Ranch, for various reasons.  Anyway, 5 years ago, the house was sold, and they moved into a condo.  They were only there a matter of weeks before the time came for their annual migration to sunnier climes, and when they came back, in the spring it was only months before my mother was diagnosed with cancer and a few more months before she passed away.  She never really lived in the condo, but all her “stuff” is there.

When I say her stuff, I mean all the chick stuff that we collect. I mean, the cut crystal vase is technically my Dad’s but you know…would he have treasured it the way my mom did?  Probably not.  Being there, surrounded by her stuff, without her is always a somewhat painful emotional experience for me.   So anyway, to make a short story longer, I was changing into my bathing suit in the guest room, in this somewhat emotional state, when my eye spied a book on the shelf.

P1040240Can you read it?  I wasn’t sure…so I pulled it off the shelf…


Really?  Can this be?  So I looked a little closer.


1968????  A first edition???

And it cost what?


So, I asked my Dad if this had been  my mother’s book, and he said it was.  Then I asked  if I could have it and, of course, he said I could.  It even has pages marked for the cable for the last sweater she made.

Knowing it was out of print, and knowing it was somewhat valuable, I looked it up when I got home.  I was aghast at how much it sells for.

But, as they say in the Mastercard ads…

…finding a knitting book that was my mom’s?  PRICELESS.

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