I’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling….

….and it’s gone, gone, gone….whoaoaoa

My knitting mojo has left me.  It’s gone.  I don’t know how, or where I left, but it’s gone.

It started with the Spring Forward Sock.  If you read yesterday’s post, you’ll know that I fearlessly frogged back both socks to the point just before I zigged when I should have zagged.  I was tired and frustrated and new better, so I put it all back in it’s project bag and instituted an immediate 24 hour Time-out.  That was the right thing to do?  Right?

Well, last night I picked up said socks, looked at the fact that I somehow dropped the last two stitches of the double wrapped short row heel (on BOTH socks) and said, famous last words, “It’s only knitting”.  I transferred one sock to another circular of the same size (one of Computer Mechanic’s Harmonys) and proceeded to frog back to before the heel turn.  At which point I was UNABLE TO CONTINUE.  I tried to knit a few stitches and I don’t know if the yarn, or the wooden needles (I’m an Options or Addis girl myself) but it just wasn’t coming.

I was tired, I’m still recovering from the conference, okay.  I dragged out the entrelac scarf that I’m knitting with Noro Kureyon.  Nothing.  No inspiration or desire to poke needles in and out of loops.  I thought about the Swallowtail Shawl.  Nope…no desire.

It’s gone.

I did pull out some uber-delicious 50/50 merino/tussah roving that I purchased from The Sheep Shed while I was Cummington

p1040120And split it into strips for spinning.  There are 8 oz, so I split it in half, and then split each half in half again.  That will give me 2 4 oz bobbins, that I will then ply together.

While my knitting mojo may be gone, my spinning mojo is still with me.


Difficult to photograph.  The silk has a sheen and lustre that keeps bouncing the light around.  It is, however, a dream to spin.  I was afraid it would be too slippery and/or too sticky, but it seems to be neither.  Just deliciousness that slides through my fingers.  I guess I’ll be spinning for a while.  At least until the Knitting Gods decide to favor me again.

I realized that although the name of this blog is Writing and Knitting and Spinning (Oh My)! I almost never write about writing.  I am a writer of fiction, not just blogs, and while I have 2 full length novels that I’ve not yet sold (or polished to the point of being sale-able) I have started on a new piece.

On Saturday I found myself  having lunch with an editor of a certain genre with a BIG NAME publisher (all which will go nameless for now).  We talked about the genre she edits and I mentioned that I would write in that genre, except that I think all the really good themes were taken years ago, by the likes of Anne McCaffrey, Mercedes Lackey, etc.  She laughed and agreed…and told me to write it anyway.  So, I am.

I have to admit that I’m having a ton of fun.  I’ve alternated plotting with writing (which is more plotting than I usually do) and….well….who knows.  Maybe this wil be the one that I sell.

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5 comments to I’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling….

  • KristinaS

    I’d suggest a stash dive, and a new knit, but it sound like your happy with your spinning. 😉

  • Eh, if the knitting doesn’t inspire, but the spinning does.go with it. The knitting police aren’t coming by anytime soon. I’ve beendabblingin crochet lately. It’s like knitting…but not. Whatever, I’m happy with it which is all that counts. Do what feels right!

  • Hattie

    Maybe you’ll inspire me to write the book I’ve had in my head for the last 7 years? I love writing but I think I feel like you in a way, like it’s all been done?

  • It’s been done, all the stories have been told, every last one of them..

    but that does not stop Stephen King from putting out his next book.

  • Shelly

    I enjoy rereading a favorite book. There are no really new themes or stories but we all enjoy a new read of a good old theme through a new pair of eyes, ears and hands. As for the knitting I suggest something like a garter stitch scarf in a nice yarn, Itt will keep the fingers moving but will free the mind to wander and eventually the fingers will yearn to create lace.