I Zigged….

…when I should have zagged (or never knit when you’re bone tired).

As you all know, this past weekend was the weekend from hell the Capital Region Romance Writer’s Conference.  As much work as it was to produce, the conference went off without any visible hitches and was overwhelmingly determined to be a success.  For the most part I ended up having a good time, and the hot-tub at The Desmond was lovely, the food adequate, the speakers inspiring and I started a new book in a different (for me) genre.

However, when I got home, I was so dog-tired that I thought I’d knit a bit and just spend some time with myself.  So I picked up my Spring Forward Socks (they’re on the masthead) and, having finished turning the heel just before the start of the conference, I knit merrily along for 10 or so rows.  Remember, though, that I’m doing 2 socks at once on a long circular and 10 rows translates to 20 rows.

And then I looked at them.  Carefully.  (queue cello music)


See that…zig, zag, zig, zig….

Hear the cries of anguish???



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