Further thoughts

I want to thank everyone who commented yesterday for their thoughtful posts.

I did rip out the socks. As Tina said, life is too short not to knit something that makes me happy. I’m still using the Mirasol Hacho yarn, because I do love it; but I changed needle size, correcting the sizing issue […]

Must update blog….

Sometimes, when I sit down to write a blog post, I look back on my recent weeks and wonder what I’ve been doing. Frequently I can’t find anything to write about. Today is no exception. But, since I’m rarely at a loss for words, I’ll babble for a awhile, and you can stop reading when […]

A missed opportunity

Because I didn’t post it earlier, here is another picture from Yule and Yarn 2008.

Playing Catch Up

As noted in my last post I’ve been busy, busy, busy.

A few weeks before the holidays, Tim and I took a ride to Kinderhook to pay a visit to Year Round Yarns. Where I purchased some Plymouth Suri Alpaca

On the way back we stopped at Wholly Cow Restaurant for dinner and had the […]

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