Startitis and Knitted Gifts

Ooh do I have a wicked case of start-itis. I have started 3 projects in the last 3 days. Considering that I’m a fairly monogamous, sometimes a little polygamous, knitter, the idea of 3 new projects and one continuing project on the needles is a little overwhelming. To me.

I know, there are lots […]

The Doctor Says

My toe is definitely broken. 😉

Yeah, we knew that. He looked at the pictures and looked at the toe. He looked at me. Apparently the doc in the ER did a fantastic job of setting the break. Hooray!!! Also, I have two separate injuries.

1. There’s the fracture in the distal (furthers away […]


Saturday was Rhinebeck! Thanks to my incredibly wonderful husband, I got to go, broken toe and all. Tim dropped me at the main gate, I hobbled from there to the Wheelchair Rental kiosk, and then got pushed around for the rest of the day. I had to get up a few times, in order […]

View from the wheelchair

Yesterday morning. I woke up, went downstairs to get coffee. Missed the bottom step or two….and crunch.

This is me, in the emergency room of St. Mary’s Hospital, calmly knitting on Tim’s rhinebeck sweater, waiting to be called in for x-rays.

This is the X-ray:

See the diagonal line that goes ALL THE WAY ACROSS […]

Where Has the Time Gone?

I’ve been knitting. I’ve been trying to get Tim’s Rhinebeck sweater finished before…um….Rhinebeck (this coming Saturday). There may be pictures later (when it’s done) but not just yet. I have 3/4 of one sleeve left to finish. I’d rather have root canal.

There’s something to be said for miles and miles of stockinette knitting. It’s […]

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