2008 W.O.O.L. Wrap-Up

What a weekend!!! Amazing! Wonderful! Fabulous! All these words come to mind when I think of our retreat at Wiawaka, but none of them actually captures the essence of it. When I think about it, 22 women (+/-) got together and did nothing but spin, knit and talk. A few read, a couple played scrabble. […]

Oooh Those Dirty, Dirty, Dirty Sheep

AC/DC probably weren’t thinking along these lines….but…..this is the funniest sheep thing I’ve ever seen.:

I promise a W.O.O.L. update tomorrow…but I couldn’t wait to share this.


So far I haven’t blogged about writing. On most days there’s really nothing to write about. People ask me how the books going, and I say “okay.” Most days that’s how it goes. This week has been another story.

See, there’s this book. A not ready for prime-time novel. I know it’s not ready, because […]

No Pics Today

I can’t believe how busy I’ve been. This is a good thing, I think. First of all, we’re still in the process of “Mission Organization.” If any of you are not familiar with the show on HGTV, a professional organizer comes in and “does” a particularly chaotic/messy/unusable room. Well, to be honest, if feels like […]

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