Yikes…How Did It Get So Late So Soon?

I started writing this on Thursday, and it’s gotten to be Saturday? Yikes!! First I have to catch you all up on LAST weekend. And what a weekend! When weekends are like this, it reminds me why I love my life so much. Friday afternoon I met Tina at BeauKnits, my Local Yarn Store (LYS) […]

Alpaca Love

Life has been so hectic, I’ve not had a chance to post about the Alpaca love that came my way.

The story:

Just before we left on vacation, I joined the “Spin for Lace” forum on Ravelry. A little while later, I found myself in a conversation with the delightful Caroline who asked me if […]

Thursday Musings

I know I promised Wednesday updates (did I? I meant to.), but yesterday got way out of control. There’s this festival we attend every year. The organizers started a process three years ago, and now that they’ve realized they’re in it, decided they have to fix it. However, not everyone is agreeing with the fix. […]

Home Again, Home Again

Hmm. Did I tell ya’ll I was going on vacation? I meant to. I also meant to post from Cape Cod. I brought my laptop, I even had hi speed internet. But I lacked motivation. I did, however, spend at least some part of every day on the beach. Hours on the beach. Hours spent […]

Scary Moments and The Market Bag From Hell

This week’s scary moment:

Yesterday started out normally. I got up, had coffee, spent some time online, and began to get ready to see clients in the afternoon and evening. I got into the shower and began to wash. Then it happened. There. Under my right arm…in the armpit. A lump.

There’s something about discovering […]


I suppose that when some people think of parties, they think of booze and music and that sort of thing. In my circle of friends, when there’s a party there’s fiber. Yesterday was Tina’s 30th birthday party (Phoenix Fiberworks for those of you in blog-land).

We were only 20 minutes late, which is practically on […]

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