Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to Tina !

May the fiber fairies bestow gifts upon you!!!

Moths and Spinning Wheels

For reasons I don’t understand, we are being beset by moths. I feel like an Egyptian during the reign of Ramses, experiencing one of the ten plagues. Of course, being a fiber junkie, moths are public enemy #1. We hatses them!!! Hiss.

The cats, being 10 and 12 years old, are virtually useless when it […]


Hi, I’m Harriet, and I’m a fiberholic. I wasn’t always a fiberholic. I used to be able to knit socially, and spinning wasn’t even an option for me. Then, something happened. Somewhere I crossed that invisible line, and then, well…there was no going back.

Like many people, it started at home. When I was […]

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